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This sweet poem was written by a father to his young daughter. His wife contacted me to illustrate it as a Father's Day gift.  It was such a pleasure to work through this story with Spiros and come up with illustrations that brought imagery to his text while also developing into a visual adventure of their own.


Illustration: Sophia Vincent Guy 

Author: Spiros Motsenigos

Language: English


A PJ Library Haggadah

PJ Library is a program funded by the Harold Grinspoon Foundation. It provides Jewish communities in the United States and abroad with high quality children's books.  Over the last few years we have developed a family Haggadah (the guide book used during Passover dinner to tell the story of Passover).  It was published for Passover 2019 and distributed to families throughout the United States.


Illustration: Sophia Vincent Guy 

Graphic Design: Zoe Pappenheimer

Editorial: Sharon Forman and Elisheva Urbas

Language: Hebrew + English

Published by the Harold Grinspoon Foundation 2018


'Seder' is a Hebrew word essentially meaning 'Order'.  This sweet little story about a family trying to bring order to their chaotic home, was written by a woman named Gal Herut as part of an education course she was taking.  Her professor praised the story and suggested she look into publishing it, so as a birthday present, her husband secretly contacted me to illustrate it for her to inspire her to pursue it. This project had to be done very quickly with no input from the author. The only request was that the family resemble their family. What a fun challenge it was to bring this wonderfully quirky tale to life! 

Illustration and Layouts: Sophia Vincent Guy

Author: Gal Herut

Language: Hebrew


Have you ever wondered why we sleep??  Sleep specialist Dr. Colin Shapiro brings his life's work to the realm of children's literature and expands on all the reasons why we so desperately need to slumber.  This self-published book accompanies Dr. Shapiro on his lecture tours.

Illustration and Layouts: Sophia Vincent Guy

Author: Dr. Colin Shapiro

Language: English

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